• Research Projects {Funded (Intramural/Extramural)/Non-Funded} is to be submitted to the Research Cell for Research Review Board and Institutional Ethics Committee as per the instructions and the standardized formats/Performa displayed on the institutional website under the link " Research" under the sub link "Research Project Submission Documents".
  • Application for Research Project will be accepted by the Research Cell (Research Review Board, Institutional Ethics Committee) of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Rajkot (Gujarat) on all working days during working hours.
  • All Research Project application is to be submitted through proper channel i.e. through the concerned departmental HOD.
  • All complete Research Project Applications, Dissertation/Thesis Applications, Principal Investigator Change Requests received will be discussed in the scheduled IEC meeting, only after the clearance/approval from the Research Review Board.
  • Application to Research Project can be submitted only by the faculty of the Institution except in case of thesis/dissertation submissions.
  • Any Research Project submitted to the Research Cell (Research Review Board, Institutional Ethics Committee) will have to be proposed by a "Principal Investigator". The Principal Investigator must be a faculty of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Rajkot (Gujarat) except in Thesis/Dissertation submission.
  • It is mandatory for the Research Project to have a Co-Investigator. At least one co-investigator has to be from the faculty of All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Rajkot (Gujarat). In case of Dissertation/Thesis the Guide of the student shall be the Co-investigator.
  • The proposal should be neatly typed in automatic or Black font (except the areas to be filled by cell office) in 1.5 space (Font: Times New Roman; Font Size: 11; Font Style: Regular; Font alignment: Justified), paginated and submitted as per the “Format of Submission of Research Project – AIIMS Rajkot” and “Proforma for Project Proposal – AIIMS Rajkot”. The Check List for Submitting Research Proposals to Research Cell will be the first page of the document submission.”
  • The running title, Principal Investigator name and Sponsor name (if applicable) shall be incorporated as footer on each and every page of the “Research Project Submission document”
  • The Research Project Submission Document must have the following in the order as mentioned in “CHECK LIST FOR SUBMITTING RESEARCH PROPOSALS TO RESEARCH CELL”, which the Principal Investigator shall complete and attach as the first page of the Research Project Submission Document. This will be checked by the Research Cell Office at the time of acceptance of the Research Project.
  • The Research Project Submission Documents format can be downloaded from the Website under the link “Research” under the sub-link "Research Project Submission Documents". Forms are available as “.doc files” and “.pdf files” (.pdf files are for reference, kindly use .doc files for preparation of “Research Project Submission Documents”)
  • Two hard copies & one soft copy should be submitted to the Research Cell office in a Cardboard Office File Only with suitable tags to demarcate the various segments of Research Project Submission Document.
  • Instructions are provided in the relevant forms. Please write "NOT APPLICABLE" against the column which is not necessary.
  • Incomplete Research Project Submission Document will not be accepted by the Research Cell Office
  • The Principal Investigator or his/her representative must be present when the project is discussed by the Research Review Board/Institutional Ethics Committee for clarifications if required.
  • In the event of approval of the proposed project:
  1. Project should be undertaken for the full period for which sanction has been granted.
  2. Six monthly project report & expenditure report (in case of funded project) should be submitted to the Research Cell in the prescribe format.
  3. Final report (in the prescribed format) should be submitted within 2 months of the completion of project.
  • All types of manuscript submissions (case reports, case series, original research, narrative review, systematic reviews, meta-analysis, mini-review) or correspondences (short communications, letters to editors) or book chapters for publication, are to be mandatorily informed in the prescribed format  to the Research Review Board, AIIMS, Rajkot.

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