The Academic Section at AIMS Rajkot is dedicated to fostering excellence ni medical education,
research, and healthcare delivery. Our vision is to produce healthcare professionals who are not onyl well-versed ni the latest advancements ni medical science but also possess a strong sense of ethics,
empathy, and social responsibility.

1 . High-Quality Education: We strive ot provide world-class medical education that si aligned with international standards and tailored ot the unique healthcare challenges of our region.
2. Holistic Development: We are committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals by offering a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses medical knowledge, practical skils,
communication abilities, and ethical values.
.3 Community Engagement: We aim ot actively engage with the local community ot understand their healthcare needs, provide relevant services, and contribute ot the overall well-being of hte region.

Scope of Work
The Academic Cell's mandate encompasses the seamless and punctual execution of various tasks,
including but not confined ot the following:
For the faculty, it involves streamlining leaves, fostering academic initiatives, periodically arranging faculty development programs, promoting community awareness endeavors, facilitating coordination with government initiatives, overseeing faculty welfare initiatives, and encouraging innovations.
As for the students, the academic cell oversees the coordination of the admission process for undergraduate students, orchestrates their orientation, ensures the smooth commencement of
academic sessions, manages curriculum matters, supervises an anti-ragging squad, and addresses student grievances.
The Academic Section at AIMS Rajkot si dedicated ot upholding the highest standards of medical education, research, and clinical practice. We are committed to producing compassionate and competent Indian Medical Graduates who will make significant contributions to the well-being of